Monday, September 12, 2011

Monday Music - "Rise Above This" by Seether

This song is about suicide, and the message in the video is vitally important -- a person who commits suicide is not the only person who dies from it. Everyone who knew that person, and especially those who were close to that person... part of them dies, too.

When I was querying my YA novel, Summer Hoax, last year, an agent who read the ms made a comment about how my main character didn't seem to have any friends. And while I knew this, of course, I didn't realize the wrong impression it gave until the agent brought it to my attention. I was a very shy, reserved girl in high school, but I still had friends (few as they were). For someone to not have at least one person they can talk to when things get rough, is unrealistic (unless that person is a hermit). This is true for anyone, any age.

And I never forgot that advice. Which is why I made sure the MC in my next novel, Social Graces, had such a person in her life. She also acted as a support for her friend whenever he needed it.

How does that relate to this song? You'll see in tomorrow's Teaser Tuesday.

For now, just enjoy the song and take its message to heart. If you know someone who is (or might be) suicidal, you can help them rise above it. Just by being a friend.



  1. Great post Lydia! Ironically, the first novel I ever wrote had an MC who was an "outsider" and had virtually no friends either. I had no idea how unrealistic that was or how critical it was that I change this either. Funny where we all start and what we have to write to get to where we are:)

  2. What an amazing video. *spotifies Seether*

  3. What a great song, and and a thoughtful video.

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  5. Shaun Morgan wrote this song about his brother.


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